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Jun 14, 2020

On this episode I talk to three of the people behind #BlackBirdersWeek Alexi (@Alhendiify), Rhi (@rhiannon_kirton) and Juita @juitamartinez about their respective faves and we celebrate Black naturalists and all the forms they come in. So if you think a person that has touched a grizzly bear is kick ass, or someone with 100+ bats is awesome or someone that loves Dinosaur Floofs (or as I like to call them Flying Muppets) is incredible these are three for you. M     aybe you wanted to know why your cat goes crazy at 3a for no reason or you enjoy slandering white tail deer and nutria this is the episode for you. 


@rhiannon_kirton IG:rhi_kirton


@juitamartinez on IG and twitter